Now that you have decided to quit smoking, the first thing you need to do is stay committed to the decision. It’ll be tough, but in order to quit smoking, here are some ways that you use in order to quit smoking.

Plan everything out

There are plenty of ways through which you can quit smoking. You need to pick one and stick to it. But keep in mind that different methods work differently on people. Here are some techniques:-

  • Cold Turkey: Cold turkey is when you quit smoking right then and there without external aid such as therapy or medicine. Majority of smokers turn to this method when they try to quit smoking, but only about 6% are successful.


  • Nicotine replacement therapy: You can use replacements for nicotine such as gums, patches or even inhalers. These replacements work by supplying nicotine instead of tobacco. In order to succeed, you’ll need to go for behavioral therapy as well because by then, you’ll have a lot of friends and family that will support you.


  • Medication: You can use prescription medicine such as bupropion or varenicline so that you can combat cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

Stay focused

A day will come where you will feel the need to give in, but the important thing is to fight this as much as you can because this will be the best gift that you can award yourself with.

  • Avoid anything that triggers you: You have to figure out the things that make you go buy a cigarette, and you need to write them down.


These can even include people or places. Avoid these for at least the first three months as this is usually the time when you’ll most likely start again.

  • Tough first few days: Know that if you’re quitting cold turkey, you’ll feel irritated or depressed. This is when you need all the support that you can get. Go for support groups or ask a good friend of yours to help you. You can always use a local quitline.

The degree of hardness

How hard it’ll be for you to quit depends on factors such as the number of cigarettes that you used to smoke every day, the number of friends or family that smoke, and the reason why you smoke.

The benefits of quitting should be highlighted in your mind. The effects of nicotine will start to wear off just after a couple of hours of quitting and your heart rate, as well as blood pressure, will come back to normal. You’ll also be able to breathe easier, and your blood will be able to carry more oxygen that the time you used