There’s no question that tobacco damages your body, no matter how you smoke it and the worst part is, safe substances are an absolute zero when it comes to tobacco or any of its products. Acetone, tar, carbon monoxide are just some of the components that add up to make a cigarette.

You might think that these products will only affect your lungs, but the fact is, it will change the whole body. It’ll lead to a number of complications as well as effect systems in your body in the long-run. There are immediate as well as long-term effects. Let us see how some of our systems are affected.

The central nervous system

Tobacco contains a drug that alters your mood called nicotine and the second it reaches your brain, you’ll instantly feel energized, although it is only for a short period of time. But you’ll start to crave for more once it wears off. This is the main reason why people find it hard to quit smoking as start forming a habit for nicotine. Once you quit, you’ll be feel depressed, anxious or even irritated. It may even cause headaches or sleeping problems.

The cardiovascular system


Nicotine content in tobacco causes the tightening of blood vessels which in turn, restricts the flow of blood. This will lead to the narrowing of blood vessels which will eventually lead to peripheral artery disease. Blood pressure is increased, blood vessel walls weakened, and stroke risks are raised when you smoke for a long time. Apart from strokes, you’ll also be at the chance of getting a heart attack. If you suffer from a heart condition, it is highly recommended that you stop smoking.

The respiratory system

The smoke that you inhale is highly dangerous to your lungs, and this will lead to more problems such as infections. Emphysema, a condition in which the air sacks in your lungs are destroyed, is caused by smoking. COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is also another illness that you run the risk of getting. There’s also the risk of lung cancer as well. All of the above conditions are irreversible. Once you stop smoking, you may experience discomfort in your lungs. This is because the lungs start to heal. If you produce mucus, you’ll know that your lungs are healing.

The reproductive organs

Both men and women are affected when it comes to reproductive organs. Men will usually find it hard to perform sexually while women will be dissatisfied due to decreased lubrication as well as orgasm. Sex hormone levels are also significantly affected which may lead to reduced activity or desire.